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I Owe Bob a Big Thank You

“My name is Amber Kirby and my husband is Robert Kirby.  We live in KIngman, AZ.  We bought our house through Bob Bass and I am so happy that we did.  In these days of buying homes which isn’t the easiest due to the economy, Bob Bass made sure every detail was taken care of very thoroughly as well as made time for any questions we might have had during our building process and buying process.  He was extremely helpful with our contractor as well as the bank financing programs and we felt very informed of every detail along the way thanks to Bob.  I don’t feel we would’ve gotten the one on one attention had we gone to someone else.  He took the time we needed from him for our every need.  He also worked some weekends and at night to ensure we had everything we needed.  I feel I owe Bob a big thank you for making my home pruchasing experience a great one.  Thanks so much Bob for everything you did.”

– Amber and Robert Kirby